Pay Per Click

PPC expands for Pay Per Click an another way of Internet marketing which is also known as Cost Per Click.

A model which is used to increase the websites' traffic, in which advertisers pay amount to publisher when any of its ad is clicked.

In other words, you can describe it as the spent of amount to click an advertisement in order to attain maximum visitors or to increase the traffic on the websites.

With the help of search engines like Google, advertisers simply bid on various keywords or phrases that are relevant to their business or targeted market.

PPC is basically a pay-for-performance model in which advertiser is liable to pay the fixed amount for the keywords if partner site or merchant clicked your ads through audience.

Numerous Websites that are using PPC ads, simply display their advertisements when any audience done online inquiry related to their keywords. Such advertisements are also known as sponsored links or ads

There are numerous benefits of availing PPC, clients whose keywords are highly competitive and want an instant result then RESISTIVE TECHNOSOURCE suggest that client to avail the service of PPC.

As PPC is capable enough to increase the traffic on the website of the clients.


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