Competitors are everywhere in the market, does not matter the field or area of business you choose. Everyone is trying different approach for their promotion.

Audience use search engines to find out their relevant information, SEO simply increases the online presence of your website in various or targeted search engines.

It is the most unique way to stay in the market, to stay in the competition, to stay ahead of your competitors.

1. Keyword Analysis
2. Keyword Research
3. Search Engine Submission
4. Directory Submission
5. Social Bookmarking
6. Link Building
7. Video Optimization
8. Forum Posting
9. Blog / Article Submission
Yes, having an SEO effected website is your need as the market is dynamic and the people are finding new ways for their business promotion. So, staying up-to-date is become mandatory if you really want to flourish your business in order to survive in the competitive environment.
Yes of course, if you avail SEO service from our company, then we will work with our main strategy to make your website visible in the results of the various search engines. We simply enhance the traffic of your website by using and integrating several techniques for the improvement of your search ranking.
There are several benefits of having SEO services from us, as SEO will enhance your online presence and make your website visible in the search results of the search engine. You will be able to attain maximum audience as a result of which you will be able to boost your business by increasing your client-tale which in result will maximize your business profit.
No, SEO is not a one time process as this service depends on several factors. Most importantly the policies of the GOOGLE which may be changed by the GOOGLE at any point of time. Further, regular monitoring of the website and its relevant keywords is the only key to maintain the current status of the website. So, SEO work is dynamic and non-stable. Regular monitoring and maintenance work is very essential for having an SEO effected website.

Well, the amount depends on the requirements of the clients. The reason is very straight as very simple, we have several packages for our clients but those packages are highly customizable as the price of the completed customized package may vary and will be finalized as per the requirements of the clients.

In case if SEO service doesn't effect my Business or Page Ranking then Can I cancel or terminate this Service?

SEO depends on several factors, sometimes keywords suggested form the clients' side are found to be highly competitive and mostly clients don't want to change or modify their keywords which took a long time to reflect.

Suggestions will be given from our side for the required improvement. However, it is totally up to the clients whether they want to go with our suggestions or they have some other plan for themselves.

So, in any case if clients want to terminate or cancel the SEO work, then initially he have to mention a valid reason for doing this in electronic mail and will get their amount refunded back but after the deduction of the amount if we already dedicated time for their work and refund depends on the time dedicated for their work.

If I terminate the service, then what will be the chances for Refunds and What will be the procedure?

In case of the termination or cancellation of the work process, clients can get their amount refunded but that will be deducted on the basis of the time dedicated for their project or the total work done in their favor. Clients can get their refunds with 7-14 working days through online bank transfer (NEFT) or through cheque.

SEO enhance your online visibility but SMO will target the social platforms in order to make the audience aware about your business, products or services or about any events. By doing this, you will attain maximum audience for your business and it will boost your clients outreach. SMO will generate more business for your organization which consequently enhance your business profit.
SMO expands for Social Media Optimization, it works just like SEO for your online business promotion on various social platforms and also it follows all the rules we apply on the service of SEO. As our clients can go through this FAQ to know more about our SEO services as the same will be applicable in case of SMO.